Chapel at the UPRISING 2017 Music Festival

  • Installation: 2017
  • Location: Festival UPRISING, Bratislava Zlat√© Piesky

The Summer Festival UPRISING asked us to create the chapel mostly for the festival weddings. The requirement was that the chapel will be not related to a particular religion, be recyclable and financially unpretentious. What the concept of a chapel means? For us, it is primarily a spiritual space where one seeks peace, rest, and some escape from reality. Our intention was to create a space for mental relaxation, meditation and small ceremonies.

Simple almost modest mass implementation enhances the chapel’s overall expression. The unpretentiousness of an architectural solution is reflected in quick construction and low costs. The entire mass of the chapel is designed as an open slim prism with a single opening. The main construction material is wooden euro pallets supplemented with wooden elements. The semi-transparent construction of the side walls with white boards creates an interesting light and shadow game in the interior. The big picture dominates on the front wall. The structure of the facades and the proportions of the interior space create a sense of spirituality and force the visitor to look up to the open sky.

The chapel is the expression of some humility and piety. It impresses seriousness and authority. The visitor should be so enchanted to exploring this space and feel honour and respect from the visiting.