Chapel at the UPRISING 2018 Music Festival

  • Installation: 2018
  • Location: Festival UPRISING, Bratislava Zlaté Piesky

The Summer Festival UPRISING asked us (again:) to create the chapel mostly for the festival weddings. The requirement was that the chapel will be not related to a particular religion, be recyclable and financially unpretentious. What the concept of a chapel means? For us, it is primarily a spiritual space where one seeks peace, rest, and some escape from reality. Our intention was to create a space for mental relaxation, meditation and small ceremonies.

Same, like year before, we decide to use pallets. Because this material is recyclable. And after festival they can continue to use it.

Our propose was to build cylinders from pallets. Little rotate every raw and make interesting design.
When we started to build it, we started experimenting more. Final design looks like bee hive, or igloo.

We hope, that our small pavilion help make up better felling on the festival.