Renovation of family house in Parchovany

  • Project: 2018
  • Location: Parchovany (Slovakia)

The original building is located in the Eastern-Slovakian village of Parchovany, on a mostly flat lot.

The object consists of two different parts: a two-storey cubic object linked with the street and a one-storey rectangular object with a saddle-roof oriented to the yard. This division is also preserved and highlighted with material division in our design. The original roof is replaced by a new one.

The disposition in the two-storey part consists of a private part for the parents on the ground-floor, and of three other bedrooms for children, as well as a guest-room on the top floor. The daytime zone is in the one-storey rectangular part of the house, which is linked with a terrace and garden with big glazed walls. Behind the daytime zone, there is a barrier-free apartment with a separate entrance for the grandparents and a summer kitchen on the edge. The street view is highlighted with an antracyt fence and a small front garden, which connects the house with its surroundings.