Resort Mlynica – Chalets

  • Design: 2022 – 2023
  • Location: Mlynica, Slovakia

The proposed area is located in the outskirts of the village of Mlynica, right next to the border with the Hihht Tatras National Park. These are two plots of land between which the flows stream – Červený potok.

The proposal respects and follows the natural character of the location. He does not perceive the existing terrain break on the eastern plot as a barrier, but as the main feature of the territory. Various recreational cottages, whose main facades face the High Tatras and the quiet zone of Červený Potok, are directly embedded in this terrain break.

All buildings are designed with the surrounding environment in mind in the immediate vicinity of the High Tatras. Natural materials such as stone and wood are used in combination with large glass facades. Roofing is mainly done with gable or counter roofs reflecting the nearby mountain peaks. The orientation of the main facades is towards the High Tatras, access and parking are always from the opposite side.


Chalet 2

A simple two-story building with two accommodation units with a square floor plan covered with a gable roof with gables. On the ground floor there are entrance areas, a boiler room, a toilet and a day area consisting of a generous large living room with a kitchen and a dining room. Three bedrooms with a bathroom and toilet are designed on the first floor. The mutual displacement of the accommodation units ensures the privacy of the residents and materially divides the building into two parts. The facade consists of a combination of light and dark wooden cladding. The total capacity of the building is 12 people. 4 parking spaces/object are proposed. Chalet 2 is built on a flat part of the plot.


Chalet 3, 4, 5

These are luxury terraced buildings with a simple rectangular floor plan set in the terrain. We enter the first above-ground floor, where there are entrance areas and two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. There are two bedrooms with private bathrooms on each floor. On the lowest floor there is a day zone consisting of a spacious living room with a kitchen, dining room and library and its own smaller wellness area. From the living room there is access to a large partially covered terrace and garden. The central element of Chalet 4 is a single-armed staircase located in the middle of the layout, which connects the individual floors and also serves as an interior furniture element for sitting and sliding. The placement in the terrain allows the mutual terrace-like displacement of the individual floors, which means that each bedroom has its own terrace with a view of the High Tatras. The facade of the upper floors consists of a combination of light and dark wooden cladding, the underground floor is covered with stone cladding. The side facades of the building are designed without windows.