• Competition: 2017
  • Location: Latvia

“Land where nature and tradition have coexisted in harmony from time immemorial”

Latvia is one of those rare counties in the world that do not suffer from devastated country and still benefits from diverse ecosystem and large area of forest. Area of stone barn has all potentials needed to create a quiet complex for meditation and rest from stressful lifestyle in cities. It can provide ideal place for people who try to find a harmony between nature and human beings as well as balance between human body and soul.
We consider protection of local treasures as an essential part of our design. Main purpose of stone barn meditation camp areal is to reclaim natural and cultural values of existing landscape. We restore well preserved parts of the old sawmill with aim to present local cultural heritage, original materials and architecture in traditional form also in new extensions of the building. Stone barn becomes the centre of complex with main functions as major meditation hall, wellness, restaurant, reception and apartment of owners under its roof.
Entrance part of the complex has mostly natural character. Accommodation for guests is behind main buildings , struggled in landscape between the trees. Small chalets for 1, 2 and 4 persons with shape of traditional Latvian house are centered around covered exterior meditation space. They are oriented to this space with their calm facades to ensure quiet atmosphere during group meditations as well as for personal meditation for everyone on covered terrace of every cabin.
Whole complex is connected with path walks and bridges above the creek. Path walks are a little bit lifted from the ground that allows the meadow to grow everywhere. The end of path walk is silent chamber: closed space for personal meditation. There are also 3 open mediation cabins hidden in birch groove that separates accommodation zone from homestead zone so the visitors are not disturbed with farming activities.
On the northern part of site is a small farm, and community garden that produces fruit and vegetables for the needs of the local kitchen.
All new buildings are partly energy self-sufficient. They use solar energy for heating and in every building is small technical room with tank for collecting and cleaning rainwater. They are made of hempcrete panels produced in Madona region and covered with reused wooden planks. Building of stone barn have additional source of energy produced by small hydroelectric power plant built on cultivated water stream.
Stone barn meditation camp is a place of harmony between natural landscape and humans, physical and mental relax and contemporary and traditional architecture.