Weekend house in Hylov

The site for this weekend house is located in the developing area of the village Hylov. Due to the fact that the infrastructure has not yet been established, the municipality allows the construction of small buildings only. Only once the access road is built, can the entire area become a construction site for family houses. Thus, the question is how to build something now that we can start using immediately.

For this reason, we have decided to work in two phases. At the beginning, we are developing just 4 small, separate buildings. The buildings will have a common terrace that connects all of them.
In the future, when we get the permissions (in phase two), we can build a few new walls and a roof over the terrace.

This phase system allows us to have a building that can be used immediately and, in the future, it can be converted to a full-featured weekend house.

This results in a fairly interesting weekend house concept. We have decided to transform the forms from phase one to the entire concept. This means that these shapes of small buildings will be made from materials different than the terrace walls. The roofs from phase one will be green and the roof over the terrace will be made of sheet metal. This allows us to contrast between the two phases.

We have decided to use local materials on this house. It is very important for us that we intervene with nature as little as possible. Therefore, the entire house will be elevated over the terrain. So we are not digging underground, nor do we change the surroundings of the house. We also want to use the water running down from the sheet roof in order to build an energy-saving house.
the water from the sheet roof in order to build an energy-saving house.