Wild water area – Kayak training simulator and bodybuilding zone

  • Projekt: 2018
  • Lokalita: Wild water area, Čunovo

Main task was to design exterior kayak training simulator with adjacent bodybuilding zone and design of camping zone on the existing site in Wild Water area in Čunovo. Kayak trainer is located next to the exterior terrace with year-round operation that is part of existing hotel. Camping is located on the edge of area behind existing sport fields.

Dimensions of water trainer are 12×6,5 metres with minimal depth 1,35 metres. There is beach bar, exterior showers, dry kayak trainer, sunbeds and bodybuilding zone with racks and another training elements  adjacent to simulator.  Beach bar is small object consisting from small building and subtile steel structure with pergola that is overhanging above water trainer area. There is also small bar with chairs inside the water under pergola.

Camping area is covered mostly with grass and it provides place for 153 tents, and parking for 20 caravans. Area is divided to the specific zones by gravel communications  that are connected with existing roads.