• Project: 2020
  • Location: Čadca, SK

The designed building dates back to 1900. It was a neo-Renaissance hotel Klappholz with luxurious interiors. In 1948, the building was nationalized and in the 50s of the last century underwent a massive reconstruction, while its original architectural value was completely destroyed.

The subject of the solution is the reconstruction and modernization of the Beskyd building, the result of which is a complete change in the internal layout of the building, a reduction in the energy intensity of the building and the provision of barrier-free access to the building.

The aim of the change in the internal disposition was to move the current restaurant Beskyd from the first floor to the ground floor, to expand it with the bar offering street food on the outdoor terrace in the summer season and to solve today’s hygiene standards. Furthermore, the location of the Confectionery production on the 2nd floor (for the confectioner training department), the establishment of new hygiene for employees and students, the creation of a new wine cellar in the basement and the expansion of the training center with instruction rooms for hotel services for the hotel academy study department.

The material solution of the building remains almost unchanged – the mass of the personal elevator will be added, which is materially and height-differentiated. The facade of the building is solved by a combination of gray facade plaster on the ground floor and white facade plaster on the remaining floors. The main entrance to the building is highlighted by structured plaster. The accent on the main facade is a new large-format window on the ground floor. We reduce the window sill to a height of 450 mm to the windows on the main façade, which results in a greater illumination of the restaurant’s and classrooms’ sales areas, as well as a more modern character of the building.