Gazebo Bukov

  • Design: 2019
  • Location: Čadca – Bukov

Forest path to Bukov is lined by a stream. By this stream Bukovský spring rises, popular for its rich mineral composition. Access to the spring is via open stone steps.

The aim of the solution was to create a representative resting place especially for cyclists, tourists and people who want to draw water from the Bukovský spring. Gazebo consists of three objects. The first object provides seating for 5 to 6 people, consisting of a table and bench in the shape of “L”. The second object consists of an information board presenting the Bukovský spring, the fauna and flora of the Kysuce nature, along with hiking and educational trails. The third object overlooks the access to the spring, protecting people even in bad weather. Bicycle racks and a trash bin for separated waste are located on the front of the existing railing. All objects are made of steel construction with wooden deck and metal roof.