New promenade in city of Krásno nad Kysucou

  • Workshop: 2017
  • Location: Krásno nad Kysucou

Krásno nad Kysucou is small town located in attractive landscape of beautiful valley. Main problem of location is that the city do not have enough space to expand. We were thinking about the question, where is the best area to place a new residential complex and amenities necessary for further development of the city. We choose existing residential zone, with seven housing blocks. The space  between them is without function and it is filled with grass areas. There is no sidewalks, lack of amenities and there is also a problem with parking lots. Local residents do not have any place to walk, have a coffee and kids do not have any playground. As a solution, we choose method of densifying by addition of new objects to the area. They utilize all offered potentials and  increase population density in a way that new amenities will be required. Whole area is connected with promenade and sidewalk network linked with new public spaces.

Next to promenade, there are new buildings in various forms in the gaps between existing urban structure. Designed buildings are mostly one or two storeys high objects with basic funcions as a kindergarden, coffee, pharmacy, flower shop and many more.
Designed promenade has a potencial to become a new city boulevard and attractive place for urban life. There is still high demand for new apartments and we reflect it by design of two small residential buildings. The problem with parking lots is resolved with parking house. Architecture is inspired by typical architecture for that part of country that is symbolized by wooden family houses with saddle roof.

Our proposal enrich the city with new forms of living , high quality public space for different free time activities, new pathwalks and promenade with amenities and playgrounds, more parking lots and in general more effective and atractive use of location.