Parking house Ostrava

  • Competition: 2019
  • Lokalita: Ostrava, CZ

The main idea of the proposal was to create a parking house, which will not only be an “urban corpse”.

We built the parking house very sensitively into the surroundings. We maintained an imaginary construction line (emerging from the regional office building and the Smart Innovation City building) and supported pedestrian moves in the neighborhood (pedestrian bridge next to the tax office, pedestrian walkway on the plot and tram stop “Regional office”). We created a square in front of the point, which is able not only to take all directions of the main pedestrian routes, but also creates a full urban space, offering relaxation in the shade of greenery and near water features, meeting and sitting on benches, or sipping coffee in . Within the square we also solved a cycling path that connects to the surrounding cycling routes. On the first floor level we place parking for bicycles. We assume that due to the proximity of a large number of offices and office buildings in the area, there will be a demand for bicycle parking in this area (Nowadays, there is an increasing trend to go to work on bicycles and to use bicycle paths and park bicycles will only support this trend.)
The problem of parking houses is also empty roofs and their unfavorable relation to the overheating of the whole surroundings. So we chose a green park on the roof. On the roof there is something like an above-ground square with a rich occupation of greenery. What is good for the use of the roof, but also pleasantly affects people working in the surrounding buildings. On the roof we create various types of seating and rest areas, including a playground and the possibility of setting up a small café. We would also like to place a community garden on the roof.
We placed the entrance to the parking house on the first floor. We were limited by the entrance situation to the courtyard of the neighboring Financial Directorate building. After entering the garage we enter a direct ramp into the courtyard or through the barrier into the parking lot. In the parking house we created a road circuit with two ramps in the middle of the layout. We placed a skylight between the ramps, which illuminates the entire garage.
On the first floor, we designed a multifunctional parterre to provide life and functioning around the parking house. In the concept, we thought of the fact that parking houses mostly create city corpses and act as monuments to their surroundings without much benefit to the community.
The facade of the building consists of existing reinforced concrete columns. We added this created grid by adding more columns and dies to create the appearance of the whole building. We propose to cast such a facade directly from the concrete in the framework of the casting of the skeleton, which will significantly save construction time. The concrete structure is then only plastered and completed with a structure with expanded metal. The expanded metal is inserted between the columns and dies. This solution leaves the building sufficiently ventilated, which also replaces the need for railing installation. At the same time, the expanded metal creates a contrast to the white façade structure and supports the entire design concept.