Reconstruction of the Kráľovce family house

  • Design: 2018
  • Location: Kráľovce (Slovakia)

The family house in Kráľovce has undergone several building modifications. It was originally a layout with transom rooms, which the previous owners decided to solve by adding the corridor. They created two impassable rooms, but with no windows. Adding windows on the other side of the rooms is not possible because the house is built on the border of the site and the windows would be oriented directly to the neighboring yard. The new owners turned to us with the requirement to reconstruct the house to have 4 bedrooms, all naturally illuminated by natural light.
The solution for us was to create a new entrance with a corridor facing the existing corridor and join two problematic rooms into one large space. The original perimeter wall was minimized and the living room with a kitchen, dining room and library was designed in the Grand master space. However it is necessary to replace the existing trusses, we have designed this space higher, upon to the level of the new wooden crowns supplemented by 4 roof windows. In the original rooms of the kitchen and living room there are now two spacious bedrooms with wardrobes. The front part of the house is increased about 1 meter, the attic is designed with two bedrooms with a bathroom. In the garden-oriented loft, we have a winter garden with a large roof terrace.
Architecturally, the house’s vision is solved as two masses with a shield and a saddle roof oriented perpendicular to each other. Material segregation also supports the material solution of facades, one of the houses is designed as white, the second one has wooden facings.