School kitchen and dining room

  • Project: 2021
  • Location: Ružomberok, SK


The subject of the solution are building modifications and modernization of the kitchen and dining room, the result of which is a partial change in the internal layout of the building, reduction of energy intensity of the building and ensuring barrier-free access to the building.

The aim of the change of the internal layout is to complete the sanitary facilities on the ground floor and in the basement, modernize the operation of the kitchen, meaningful use of cellars for school students and re-design of the dining room in the hall, where possible private events, celebrations, weddings can take place ….

We also solved the insulation of the building, replacement of perimeter window and door panels, complete replacement of the heating system, replacement of the DHW system, replacement of the internal wiring and lightning conductor, installation of the camera system and installation of air conditioning.